About Us

   Tricca Technologies Inc. brings futuristic research technology to the masses. Inspired by the “tricorder” from Star Trek and with the help from our collaborators, we seek to make inexpensive, portable, and easy to use biosensor technologies a reality. Our two patent-pending sensors work by measuring metabolites through two distinct technologies, colour-sensing and impedance sensing. Through these measurements and statistical methods, Tricca Technologies Inc. aims to make the world a better place by giving everyone access to accurate medical screening.

   Research makes the world a better place. By facilitating collaboration between research and business, Tricca makes it easy to use tomorrows biosensing tech today.

Our Team

Dr. Scott MacKay

Dr. Scott MacKay received his undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics and his PhD in Electrical Engineering both at the University of Alberta. He works with Dr. Wishart and Dr. Chen and founded Tricca with them.

Dr. John Chiu

Dr. John Chiu is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Alberta and a family doctor at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton. He represents the end user perspective of medical professionals for sensor technologies.

Dr. David Wishart

Dr. David Wishart is a professor at the University of Alberta Faculty of Science. He is a world-leading researcher in the fields of metabolomics and precision medicine. He is a Fellow of Royal Society of Canada. He has connections to industry and research in bioinformatics and the development of diagnostic medical tests. He led the “Human Metabolome Project” and is the current director of the metabolomic innovation centre (TMIC).

Dr. Jie Chen

Dr. Jie Chen received his PhD degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. He is currently a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering and an adjunct professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Jie Chen is a Fellow of IEEE, a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada. He has co-authored two books, 190 journal and conference proceeding papers. He holds ten patents awarded, several of which have been either used in production or licensed by various companies.

TRICCA Carbons

   Soon Tricca will be getting into activated carbons. Our carbons are ideal for supercapacitors and are proven to have a higher capacitance than any other commercially available activated carbons. These carbons are also ideal for filtration, and other research and hobby uses.

Activated Carbon Brand or SourceSpecific Capacitance (F/g)Device Capacitance (F/g)
Tricca N140.06.7
Tricca K121.95.9
Tricca P124.15.9
Tricca O107.05.1
Kuraray YP-50F106.95.1
Cabot C Extra USP89.14.2
Everything Natural81.13.8
VWR- Charcoal activated carbon77.23.7
Cabot Darco 25166.43.4
Cabot Norit SA258.32.3

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